Shipping is available in the United States, Canada. We have shipped puppies all over the U.S.

Shipping in the U.S. is $745. This price includes the flight, the airline approved kennel, and the puppy's health certificate given by a licensed veterinarian.

The puppy must be (8 weeks) old before it can be shipped.

If your puppy needs to be shipped, the balance must be paid in full plus the shipping costs two (2) weeks prior to shipment. Please send me an email with the name of the (2) closest airports. We have to make sure we can get him/her to you. We ship the puppy with the only airline with air conditioning & heater for the puppies. This means we can ship the puppy no matter the temperature hot or cold. This will also make the puppy much more comfortable and happy.

Picking-up Your Puppy: Expect your pup to be a little scared when you pick her/him up. They usually always calm down and are back to normal within a day, They just need time and a lot of special attention. They are insecure because they have been taken away from their security zone--their littermates. They must go through this whether they are picked up or shipped. They are pretty resiliant and once they realize their security is you, they are happy and content again. Not all pups handle the trip perfectly.

You will need to check with your airport on where for sure to pick up the pup, either baggage claim or cargo. Usually it is cargo, If there is a problem when picking up the pup, please check with the airline for assistance with the confirmation or information you are given because you most likely will get quicker and better results being that you will be at the airport and have more of an access with airline. Please check with airlines to save yourself the stress. if there is something that should occur so that you can get the information first hand. Once the pup is dropped off at the airport, it is out of my hands and I have no control.

You will need a (2) forms of identification when picking up the pup. The name on the paperwork is who most likely who they will only release the pup to. If someone else is picking up the pup, you will need to let me know the name so that I can make note on the paperwork. If you do not, then most likely the airline will not release the pup. This also if there has been a change. This is all for your own protection, so that someone else cannot claim your pup. I hope this information helped you out greatly and answered any questions you may had.

We offer a $50 discount to anyone who has previously or is currently serving in the military.